Licensed Zumba Instructor

There is nothing better than to share the love of music and dance with others! Hi everyone, my name is Aimee “AJ” Takushi. I grew up dancing Jazz as a child and participating in anything to do with dance throughout high school. Unfortunately, I quickly became stressed out with the responsibilities of adult life- parenting 3 kids, marriage, college, bills, neglected my once fit size 5 body, and found myself morbidly obese, depressed, and sick.

Through hard work- no short cuts- I fought to take back control of my life, losing 100 pounds (from size 28 to size 14) over a few years and learning to manage my health through nutritious food, regular exercise, and positive mindset. I took up dancing again and started to feel that joy I had as kid again! Started with Tap and Jazz with my daughter’s dance teacher, Judy Ridolfino (Judy’s Gang), then discovered the excitement of Zumba Fitness with Tina Schor (La Tina’s), and even started going out dancing with my husband and friends!

Today I’m a certified dance and group fitness instructor, teaching others to find good health through dance at Keoni’s Hotlava Dancefit Studio! I’m a Zumba Fitness Instructor, licensed in Zumba 1 & 2, Gold, and Sentao, teaching since November 2011. And just this January 2014 became one of the first U-Jam Fitness (urban hip hop and world beats) Instructors on Maui! Join me at the studio for classes! Bring your love of dance and desire to have fun while doing something good for your health! LET’S GET DOWN ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!