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poly-fit-logo1One of our most popular classes, PolyFit™, “Polynesian Dance Fitness” developed by Hot Lava’s own, Keoni Manuel, is rooted in Polynesian Dance. But this isn’t your Auntie’s Halau – though you may learn some new moves.

PolyFit provides a total body workout in 60 minutes as it targets your larger muscle groups, improves muscular endurance, tones the core and engages the upper and lower body – all while providing a fun, heart pumping, calorie burning, cardio workout. Get the cardio of Zumba® through Polynesian Dance moves. Work those muscles like no other Dance Fitness workout.

Inspired by the dances of the Polynesian Islands, PolyFit™ incorporates easy traditional & modern dance movements to the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with Polynesian Techno, Ancient Hawaiian (Kahiko) modern Hula (‘Auana) contemparary Tokelau, & Samoan music, resulting in a Fun and effective workout.